The deadline for submitting abstracts is extended to April 30, 2022 by a decision of the Organising Committee.


Early bird registration is open till 30 May 2022

Conference fees:

We would like to inform our colleagues employed on February 24, 2022 at Ukrainian universities and research institutes that they can participate in the online part of the conference without incurring any financial costs. All you need to do is to submit an abstract and send a registration form with information about the zero fee.

Conference fee Early birds (till 30 May 2022) Late birds (after 31 May 2022)
Normal – stationary 450 Euro 500 Euro
PhD Student – stationary 250 Euro 300 Euro
Normal - online 100 Euro 150 Euro
PhD Student – online 50 Euro 100 Euro
Accompanying person 150 Euro 200 Euro

Stationary conference fee includes:

Online conference fee includes:

We kindly ask you to send your abstracts by e-mail to eufoam2022@ikifp.edu.pl along with the completed registration form till April 15, 2022. Please use the following:

In the body of your e-mail, please indicate to which thematic group (TOPIC) you want to submit your presentation and whether your prefer oral or poster as a method of presentation.

Early bird conference fees should be sent by bank transfer till May 30, 2022. After this date higher, late bird, fees will apply.

During the time of the conference, stationary conference fees can be paid on-site only in cash in Polish zlotys (PLN), according to the current EUR/PLN exchange rate.

Due to the hybrid nature of the conference, the organizing committee decided to introduce a new form of "online poster" in the format of a short 7 or 8 slide presentation prepared in PowerPoint and saved in PDF format. Please prepare these presentations up to one week before the conference starts and send them to the organizers by June 27, 2022. All received presentations will be posted in a folder on the conference website.

Of course, stationary participants have the opportunity to present their posters in the classic format in the form of A0 posters to other stationary participants. However, we also encourage stationary participants to prepare their "posters online" and send them to the organizers by June 27, 2022. Thanks to this, they will be able to present their research to virtual conference participants.

We kindly ask all people who prepare online posters to present a valid email and, optionally, a skype address to the corresponding author of the presentation on the title page of the poster, along with the title, authors' names and affiliations, so that the recipients can ask questions about the presented data.

The bank account number

We kindly ask people from countries outside the European Union to make transfers, where the cost of the transfer is charged to the sender of the money transfer.

In addition, we would like to inform people employed in Polish research units that we ask them to pay the conference fee in PLN (Polish zloty) - the exact amount of fee converted into PLN will be sent in the next e-mail only to Polish participants.