Invited Speakers

Transmission and Presentations

Due to the hybrid nature of the conference, we will use the free Microsoft Teams application for video transmission of stationary and online sessions. We kindly ask all participants to install this application on their computers before the start of our meeting.

Moreover, due to the necessity to transmit the video signal during the stationary part of our conference, we do not see the possibility of presenting data by speakers from their private laptops.

Before starting the session, please make the prepared presentations in PowerPoint or Adoba Acrobat available to our staff in order to upload them to our computer. Thanks to this, the presentation in the auditory room and the online transmission of the speech in the virtual space will be carried out at the same time.

Stationary participants of our conference will be able to attend lectures in an online session on their own laptops using our WiFi network or they will have the option of moving to the second lecture room where the online session will be broadcast live.

Programme and Book of Abstracts

Conference Programme in PDF format
Book of Abstracts